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home invaded RI momma tells a true story

April 02, 2014  •  6 Comments

The morning of 4/1/14 I was woken to the sound of my 8 lb min pin barking and growling. At first I figured she was chasing the cat, they play that game from time to time. But as I lay there in the dark of my bedroom I realize this was a really mean sounding growl. Not her normal “momma I want water” bark. So I gently rolled out of bed and made sure my sleeping 6 month old was ok. I then proceeded down my hallway looked in at my 2 year old, and made sure she was alright. All the while the dog was still barking.

I finally made it down the stairs in my half asleep, over tired , only a mommy can know this type of exhaustion stumblingly state.

My kitchen had a light on over the stove. The dog was barking from inside the kitchen, at the living room, kicking and digging in place at the floor. Her heckles up on her hind.

'This isn't a play with the cat bark', the realization hits me, someone may be in the house. The house where my 2 babies are sleeping, the house I've called home for over 6 years. My house.

I cautiously walked up to where the dog stood my right hand grabbing a large knife from off the magnetic strip on the wall. I slowly peeked my head around the corner of the door.  My front porch light dimly lite the room.  My window was open and the door was half open creaking in the wind. I looked around, I was alone it appeared.

My heart pounding in my chest, I ran to the door and closed and locked it. I did same as quickly as I could to the window. I looked out I couldn't see anyone. Up and down the streets seemed empty.

Then I thought, 'what if they are in the house still?' I had the phone in my left hand I started thinking darn! Its not a smart phone how do I get the police stations number?!' It took a moment 'oh that's right 911 this is an emergency!' Yes, I was half asleep.

As I'm on the phone with the operator I quickly looked around the main floor of my home and double backed to the kids. Everything seemed ok, I waited for the police.

Looking around my living room I realized 'my tv is gone. Well not the end of the world a tv, no one got hurt my babies are ok, police will be here soon. I won't be alone'.   I went to grab my keys, and I realize my purse is gone too... 'So they made off with 5 bucks and some spare change, no big deal.'

While I sit there on the couch holding my youngest, waiting for the police. I'm thinking about my purse and its contents annoyed that I’ll have to make a trip to the DMV. Trying to remember what, if any credit cards were in there, and the phone calls I’ll have to make.

Then it hits me like a bag of bricks, 'my travel hard drive is in my purse.'

thank god i made prints of these images! cute little baby about 4 months oldportrait of my son


I'd brought it home to get some work done on a recent portrait session.

' My family's pictures from the last 4 months are on there. The images I’d taken of my baby! The pictures from his first Christmas!'

Thank god I’d printed images from the sessions I'd done with him but all the “snap shot” type pictures are gone... Most likely forever. 

They also got my date book and a bunch of memory cards ….. things that have way more meaning to me than any cash value.

I'm thinking of investing in a bigger dog and a security system.


I'm sitting here now wondering how many of you have your children's entire lives documented on a cell phone, or a digital camera, no tangible prints of those precious moments of your children's lives. Please, I beg you, I implore you! Hard drives crash, cell phones break things get stolen! Please make prints!!!  


If you have a story you'd like to share please be sure to comment bellow! 



So important to keep those memories in a safe place! Thanks for the reminder! And what a beautiful image:)
Yikces! What a frightening experience! This definitely speaks to me in the need to have multiple backups of photographs of my children. I tend to only keep them in one spot, my computer, I would be devastated if it all disappeared. Ordering prints and backing up in a cloud right now!! Your own prints are worth more than any dollar amount in that situation!
What a terrible experience! Such an important reminder of things that are most important to us...memories/photographs being towards the top. So glad no one was hurt and that you can capture so many memories for others now!
You are so much braver than I would be! The barking dog would be enough to make me panic, and I never would have run to close the door once I saw it that way. So glad everyone was safe, and so sorry to hear of the lost hard drive. Those photos are absolutely priceless and irreplaceable. That is exactly why I insist on prints coming with my digital purchases for clients and why I am a huge proponent of getting those files off a hard drive and on the wall! I hope the RI police are on the trail of the thief. I am sure the photos will never be recovered, but this is a great reminder to people to print their images.
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Oh my goodness, that's so scary! I'm so glad you're ok! That said, it does make my heart sink, thinking about lost photos and the fact that I would be in the same situation. All of my kids photographs (both snapshots and portraits) are on a hard drive. I always tell myself to back it up but we usually don't. And printing portraits is rare. Printing snapshots pretty much never happens. Thanks for teaching me a very valuable lesson all the way from RI. Sorry you had to experience that and I hope the police are able to catch him and recover your photos!
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