On this website you'll find all the information you need for a  successful preschool portrait day.

     I will do my best to make sure each child is clean and tidy prior to having their portrait taken .  If you'd like your child's hair in any specific style please, be sure to write me a note. for liability reasons I will not do their hair unless specifically requested in writing.

For your students portraits I suggest them wearing something That reflects their personality .  you may want to stay away from large brands or logos printed on their shirts.

All final portrait products will be retouched by me. I will remove stray hairs, boogers, and any missed food debris.  If any additional retouching may be required please request that in writing as well, some fees may apply.


 I take cash, check (made out to Bailey Fox Photography)  and charge you may follow this link here (additional fees to apply to CC purchase)

The final portraits will be delivered in school by 2/20/15