Fally Family portraits 2020

September 19, 2020
Decorate your home with love. I have been looking forward to fall all summer! Yes, fall is my favorite time of year. Both to capture family's being together snuggling in their sweaters, and for the beautiful color mother nature provides. We are booking portraits for weekends in October, Our full sessions include a design and concept consultation wh...
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decorate your home with subjects you love, not flash art!

September 04, 2020
I was in a home decor store the other day and I realized i was looking at a canvas of a portrait of a dog, it was a cute Frenchie, I realized I was about to spend the same on a generic dog image as I could decorate my home with a portrait of my dog! That seems so silly! Why would I want to hang a picture of someone else's dog?! that's like hanging...
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in studio pet portraits

September 03, 2020
A little known secret, we do pet photography. While you are always welcome to bring your pup along to family sessions it is also highly encouraged that you also have some single portraits taken of your fur babies! Currently, I'm very into Painting these pet portraits. Here are a few samples of my fine art painted dog portraits! Decorate your hom...
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celebrate your 2020 senior with a cap and gown session

May 21, 2020
Free Senior Yard sign with the purchase of $500 or more! email me and book your session today! [email protected]
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Opening back up Rhode Island portrait studio and safty messures

May 14, 2020
While many of my clients know I'm a bit of a germaphobe. The pandemic has not made it any easier. Here is a list of what I will be doing inside my portrait studio many of the items I did before the pandemic. The underlined items are new for the reopening. I take sanitation very seriously... I even teach a class on it!... as most of my clients are...
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