How to prepare for a milestone session and what to expect.

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  Don't worry we will go over that at the consultation! 
When scheduling your milestone session I will often ask what time baby naps at.   I will always suggest either first thing in the morning or a bit after the morning nap. We want a super happy baby! 

  Just remember if the baby is off of their nap schedule for the day, just shoot me a quick call or text I will do everything to delay or even photograph the session earlier if needed! 

Bring at least 2 outfits for the baby.   I do have a studio wardrobe and we will talk about those items at the consultation, however, it is good to have some options with you as well. 

  • email or text me an image of the planned outfits
  • I will help you coordinate your family outfits at the consultation or via text leading up to the appointment.  I highly suggest keeping the whole family in the same color tonal range.   So either all in a dark color or all in a light color...

Bring stuff to make a bottle!  Just like at the newborn session being super adorable is exhausting and sometimes the baby will decide they are hungry even though it's not part of their normal routine to eat at that time. 


YOU DO NOT NEED SHOES!     I LOVE little baby feet!  they do not need shoes to match their outfit.   More often than not even the family session will be more close up and the parent's shoes won't shoe either. studio session 9 month milestone portrait9 month milestone portrait taken with momma


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