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September 04, 2020

I was in a home decor store the other day and I realized i was looking at a canvas of a portrait of a dog, it was a cute Frenchie, I realized I was about to spend the same on a generic dog image as I could decorate my home with a portrait of my dog!   That seems so silly!    Why would I want to hang a picture of someone else's dog?! that's like hanging a portrait of someone else child on my wall!    After all, my dog is totally like one of my kids, and sometimes I like my pups better.  Ha ! Kidding, sort of.     So Have you had your fury friend photographed yet?   Why not?  I am offering all session fee's waived for pet portraits booked in the next two months! That's right! pay nothing for the session fee!  ($200 value).  $500 print deposit is required at booking. 

girly room view pink pet portraitgirly room view pink pet portraitdecorate your room with your furry friends! pet photography in CT and RI